Video production is the second key ingredient to successful video marketing. We produce high quality video that engages your audience.


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We aim to create something that best tells your customers what you’re about and what they need to know about you and your product. We do this by understanding your business and combining your knowledge with ours and creating a plan that suits you and your needs.



We can be as complex and cinematic as you require but sometimes, a quality, well shot, simple video can hit the spot just the same. We have all the resources you could require but having said that, we are used to working to a budget and utilising all our experience to produce high quality video.




The editing process is where we bring everything we’ve shot all together. Depending on what you required from the shoot we pull together everything ready for you to have a look and let us know what you think. We’ll work with you to accommodate and make sure you’re totally happy with your video.

Questions about the concept

How do you charge for your service?

We charge for filming, editing and distribution separately.

We offer a minimum of one-day filming which could produce as much as 20 social media videos or a 2-minute feature film.

For more information on pricing please view our pricing page.

What is the cost of your filming and editing service?

We are extremely competitively priced. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients whereby they use our services as if we were an internal department hence our prices and format are very competitive.

Depending on the production level, the number of cameras or use of special techniques such as aerial filming, our filming rates start from as low as £1500 per day.

Depending on the quality and length of a video our starting price is £150 for a short social media video.

How long does it take from filming day to final delivery of our videos?

This depends on the number of videos and complexity of the edit but for a simple social media video a package of 10 videos will be delivered within 2 weeks after filming.

How much filming can be done in one day?

It depends on the number of locations and complexity of the scenes. We usually capture around 120 mins of footage in an 8 hour filming day which could be used for 2-30 social media videos if the content is simple to film and does not require much travel between locations.

How many iterations can be made to the edit?

We allow for 2 free changes to each video and thereafter charge additionally.


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We conceive, produce and distribute engaging video content via social media to build your online communities, generate brand awareness and drive sales.

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