Video distribution is the final ingredient to successful video marketing. We get your videos in front of it's intended audience to drive traffic and convert leads.


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What’s Distribution About

Influencer Marketing


By far the hottest trend right now. Use key influencers of your target market to syndicate your content to their followers getting millions of eyes on your content and views of your products within minutes and hours. We have hundreds of influencers on our books ready to share your story. 

Content Placement


Gone are the days of “scatter-gun-marketing” where the more you pump out the better. Now it’s all about placing your video in the right place to be seen by the right people at the right time. We make sure your video lands on the various social media channels that your target audience is using.

Video SEO


A lot of emphasis is placed on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and rightly so. Everyone “googles it” so you need to be up that list otherwise you don’t get noticed. We can help with effective measurable SEO techniques which will place your content at the right end of the search results.

Paid Advertising


Nothing is for free and if you want the best results, you’re more often than not going to have to pay. But it doesn’t have to be extortionate. With paid search such as Google Remarketing and Facebook Pixel, there is an effective way of getting your product to the right places. 

Questions about the concept

Are you able to manage our social channels over and above placing of video content?

Of course! We specialise in video production and video marketing but we come from a marketing background and are well versed in all things digital.

Are you able to manage our Paid Search Marketing strategy?

We are indeed. If it’s something you’re not already doing or don’t know how to do, then we’re more than comfortable to run your paid search channels for you.


What types of paid advertising should we be using to promote our videos?

It depends on your market and the channels that are best suited to targeting your customer, however, in general, we like to spend client budget on:

  • paid search -some times known as PPC is the act of paying to advertsise on YouTube or search engines


  • remarketing – Ever feel like an advert is following you around the web or on your social platforms? Remarketing is the ability to retarget users that have previously visited your website by serving adverts on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter for a fixed period of time or until a user converts.


  • influencer marketing – users with large followers that fit the customer demographic will tweet or post via their channels for a fee on behalf of a company enabling the company to target a large population in a single tweet or post.


What's influencer marketing all about and why is it so necessary?

If you could be guaranteed brilliant KPI’s from a relevant online audience at an affordable price would you not be asking, “What’s the catch?”. Well, welcome to the world of influencer marketing. At least you are guaranteed a certain number of views and at best, you go viral!

Influencers hold the key to targetting your exact market at very competitive prices. Get in touch and let’s provide you with a no obligation quote for your influencer campaign.


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We conceive, produce and distribute engaging video content via social media to build your online communities, generate brand awareness and drive sales.

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