Content ideas for your sports club

Showcase Your Facilities

Video is by far the most powerful way to showcase your club and its facilities. Take your audience for a guided tour and let them experience your offering first hand.

Interviews, Instruction & News

Connect with your audience on a personal level. Inform them about what you do well, what you’ve been up to or help them improve their game with advice, tips and techniques.

Live Event Broadcast

Film live events and broadcast to your big screen or livestream to your audience. Monetise your feed with sponsorships and ads and create a new revenue stream.



of Sport Video


Produce numerous types of videos to target your customers and members at the different stages of the buying cycle.


Create an advert to promote your offering which could be used on social media, website or even tv.

Event Highlights

Show off the best bits of your event and entice users into taking part at your next.

Event Promotion

Promote an upcoming event with a shareable, engaging and visual account of what your patrons can expect.

Club Promo Video

Advertise your club through a promotional video that showcases everything your club or business has to offer.

Facilities Showcase

Show off your equipment, golf course, classes, member areas, bars, restaurants, store or property that sets you apart.

Thank You Videos

Say thank you to your loyal customers or members. They will appreciate the gesture and become advocates of your brand.

Member Testimonials

Let your members promote you. Testimonials or referrals are the most powerful source of advertising.

News Videos

Keep your members and public up to date with the latest and greatest about your establishment.

Club Culture Videos

Show the passion, life, soul and vision of your club through culture videos. They can be silly and fun.

Instruction Videos

Assist your audience with tips, tricks or advice on improving their game and become your industry’s voice.

Educational Videos

Educate your audience about what you are able to offer. Quite often people have no idea you are able to fulfill their needs or help solve a problem.

FAQ Videos

Answer those very frequently answered questions in an engaging video. This will save you time and drive traffic to your website from organic search.

Professional film shoot

Our team will arrive and capture all the content we need to produce numerous videos for your website and social media.

Aerial Filming

Show off your facilities and grounds with aerial footage. Let our aerial team capture the moment and impress your audience.

Live Event Filming

Let the TV studio come to you. We will provide a turnkey live production service which you can stream to the big screens, social media or your website.

Producing your sports video content

Example Videos


Distribute your sports clubs content

Social Media

Get tweeting, facebooking, instagramming – whatever social channels you use, creating a social presence and community is key to keeping your establishment at the forefront of everyones mind!

Paid Search

Get in front of your target audience by paying, as much or as little as you wish, to put your content slap-bang in front your viewers – the exact people you want to be seeing your content who are most likely to spend the cash. Use YouTube, Instagram, Facebook whatever you fancy to get those customers.

Sports Influencers

This is all about using the most influential people in your world – the guys with the biggest following – to push your establishment to their followers and get your establishment to the front of the minds of as many people as possible. Choose the right people for the right job…

Big Screens at Live Events

Use big screens at live events to create a new channel to monetise and share your content.

Live Event Streaming

Got an event not everyone can get to? Stream it to the world! Get the event covered online, get sponsors involved and make sure your brand is out there and being seen by the right people. Even if you’re at the event – why not watch again when you get back home?!


that should

use Video 

There are numerous sport-related clubs and businesses that should adopt a video marketing strategy.


Golf Courses


Professional Teams


Private Sports Clubs


Driving Ranges


Rackets Clubs




Sailing & Rowing Clubs


Cycling Teams & Events


University Sports


Racetracks & Karting

Branded Content

Team up with brands by letting them fund your content for a video that is co branded.


Let advertisers sponsor your content by offering them the opportunity to pay for a piece of content and telling your audience they did so.

Big screen & Livestream Event Advertising

Your big screen and live stream is prime real estate. Monetise this great advertising opportunity by selling ads or sponsored segments such as replays.

Monetising your sports clubs content

Cost to use our service

Budget drives price

Budget is purely dependent on what you want to achieve but we are able to provide a video strategy starting from £1500.

Advertising subsidy & income generation

Subsidise the cost of your video strategy by offering advertisers the ability to sponsor video content or advertise on your live stream or big screens at live events. In this way you can reduce and even profit from our video services.


Video could cost use nothing if you are happy to have associate your club, team or business with a sponsor. We will even help you source a suitable sponsor to fund your video strategy.


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