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What’s Concept About

Marketing Objectives


We kick things off with a brainstorm session to understand your business and marketing objectives. This enables us to understand who we need to target and how best to go about targeting them.

Idea Creation


Once we understand the objectives, we can start formulating a video strategy which will achieve these goals. This will be done together to ensure your business knowledge and our expertise shines through the final product.

Content Road Map


We produce a content roadmap based on your marketing objectives, content ideas and budget, defining the exact videos to be produced, when they will be released and via which platforms we will release them.

Questions about the concept

Can you help us identify our customer's online behaviour?

Yes, we certainly can. If you don’t know the digital behaviours of your customers then you are missing a trick and ought to do something about it. Don’t want to deal with the hassle? Let us do it for you! We are able to do the research and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s digital habits. Get in touch and let’s discuss the options.

Is it important to know your customer's online behaviour?

Absolutely. If you don’t know their online habit how do you know where to find them or what to say? In order to effectively determine the type of content to produce, you should have a clear understanding of your audience online. Then content creation is easy as we know where they are, when they view it, what they want to view, where they are in the buying cycle and what interests them. We can then produce interesting, relevant and deliberate content that engages your customer at the exact intersection of their digital buying habits ensuring maximum return on your investment.

Is idea creation included in the cost of the service?

Yes, ideas are generated for every campaign we undertake. The complexity and time spent formulating the idea is proportionate to the number of videos that you decide to produce.

How do you charge for your services?

We charge for filming, editing and distribution separately.

We offer a minimum of one-day filming which could produce as much as 20 social media videos or a 2-minute feature film.

For more information on pricing please view our pricing page.

What is the cost of your service?

We are extremely competitively priced. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients whereby they use our services as if we were an internal department hence our prices and format are very competitive.

Depending on the production level, the number of cameras or use of special techniques such as aerial filming, our filming rates start from as low as £1500 per day.

Depending on the quality and length of a video our starting price is £150 for a short social media video.

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We conceive, produce and distribute engaging video content via social media to build your online communities, generate brand awareness and drive sales.

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